On the other hand

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 07:36 am
Needless to say I need to mention my vacation to Costa Rica this coming August when I sign my new hire paperwork on Monday. I cannot not mention it.  

It feels good to know I am now permanent/direct to hire employee after 17 years being in this country. This lesson teaches me the value of never giving up on one's dreams even things seem hopeless or when circumstances "say" otherwise. it's all in the perception of the situation. A situation is neither good nor bad, it just is. Do not make up "stories" or "interpretations".
One always have a choice to ignore the naysayers and keep on moving, or listen to them, give up and "accept" the naysayers.

The only difference is, you can't later turn around and blame the naysayers for the condition of your life later. One need to take responsibility of the decisions you've made and make the most of what you have to pursue your dreams. There will always be people and/or voices who want to keep you being small, not achieving your potential or greatness. Your responsibility is to know which ones of these people who want to keep you from achieving your potential.

A very good morning

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 06:58 am
It's awesome how the universe works out. You think things are going one way, and the next thing you hear things are going completely the opposite way you thought, usually for the better. In my case, I finally got to be a permanent employee (read that: WITH BENEFITS) starting Monday at Macy's Distribution Center, indirectly reporting to Colleen and Jack - the VP of Distribution Logistics (aka the big boss that everyone seems to be snorting themselves to) starting Monday July 17, 2017. YAY!

The summary goes like this - I had been at Macy's Distribution Logistics since January to sit in for Yosary who was going on maternity leave. The head of the Department is Colleen, and Yosary is the manager reporting to her. So I was took in to do half of what Yosary does, and the rest of Yosary's work is equally divided up between the rest of the department. The work that Yosary do for Colleen is what I was trained on. And the other half that Yosary doesn't touch on, Colleen needed someone to assist her with. That's where I come in.

So Yosary left for maternity mid March in the middle of god knows busy season with inclement weather, everyone being sick and the DC closed for snow days a few times (you know how it gets between February to April in the North East). And Macy's/Bloomingdale's annual store inventory count (i. e. all Macy's and Bloomingdale's nationwide) went  into a frenzied mode of craziness for that one week on the last Sunday of April.(actually three (3) if you count the weeks leading to the stock take since we had to coordinate with all the distribution centers nationwide and stores under the DC's jurisdiction). So with all the training ,explaining, conference calls and back-up plans as to what and how we should be doing the inventory... yea, you bet we were under the gun a lot. It was quite a process that week but all quite exciting, just went very fast.

And in between March to June, things were happening fast and furious here and work kept us all busy and occupied.... and in the meantime  I just plugged in and keep doing the work I was trained for, assisting Colleen in the day to day inventory and reporting she asked for ... and she was happy, or over the moon about me, I think.  I only say it because i didn't hear her complaining to the agency, because trust me, I would know from the agency if Colleen was not happy with my work. I still keep my peace with the rest of the department and I was actually getting some cooperation with some of the girls there ( SOME being the operative word) but in general we were able to keep the department moving. But I did hear the feedback from the agency and those outside my immediate department that Colleen was very happy with my work thus far.

And so it goes, until first week of July after the Fourth, when Yosary returned from maternity. And I was told my last day at Macy's will be Friday July 7 around 1pm or so when I approached Colleen as to what was the plan after July with Yosary back at work. She told me  the bad news. 

I took it quite well, at least at first. (There was only a couple of hours left in the day so I can fake it for a bit.) I think I sounded a tad shocked but most importantly not surprised the termination was coming. But I was more shocked and so was Colleen that supposedly RHI had not informed me. (She claimed they had informed the agency). Who knows, maybe they did and something fell through the cracks- then again, maybe they did not. But whatever it was, she asked for my resume before we left, hugged me and wished me well and gave me the "don't  give up, never underestimate the power of networking" speech,  and after feeling kind of sick and betrayed and relieved and a lot of more over the weekend i worked on my resume on Monday, essentially highlighting the key stuff I did the last 6 months, and emailed it to her.

Didn't hear anything from them until Tuesday when Jeff from HR called asking me if i would be interested in working back at Macy's but this time downstairs at the receiving side. We discussed briefly about salary and all the good stuff, and I told him I will come back with an answer by Thursday. Come Thursday I had more questions to ask and asked Jeff if I could come to the place and meet this new supervisor of receiving., Jaime.

So I went to see them yesterday on Friday, and Jaime spent quite a bit of time explaining to me the nitty-gritty of the job and it sounded a lot. But it intrigued me. But I get to be the only chick in that department. and to move and walk around a lot in the heated side of the warehouse. The desks where I will be working is situated in the open floor so that;s something I am not keen on. And it's at the far end of the building and I mean FAR END OF THAT HUGE WAREHOUSE. But you know what, it gives me a chance to walk around a bit and that is always good for me to get some exercise during the day. The position also allows for OT if I need to. And it gives the opportunity to learn something from the ground up and eventually ties into "inventory" and there's the start of the chapter on this topic called "Inventory". And "Cost Accounting". And "Operations". And "Logistics". Eventually it will start to tie around "people" and "human resources" and "planning". And that is something I can and am willing to learn about.

Aloha April

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 07:13 pm
It has been awhile since I last posted. I have been kept busy at work, which is a good thing as well as keeping me employed and brings home the money. On the plus side, going to work in the mornings are now aren't as crazy cold, so that's good. And the view of sunrise on the Parkway bridge at 6.45am  is something else  too. I enjoy the driving going up the bridge and just hanging back on my lane and watch other cars go past me, it's almost like meditation. The view of the sunrise over the bay is stunning every morning when there is sun, so I quite enjoy it immensely.

The Hispanic girls are manageable now, some days they still go into their chats loudly but I also have been getting more upfront and speak to them when i have to. I've also been mindful of writing down words on my notepad when I hear words that might sound familiar. Kind of like a crash Spanish course, I suppose. It might just come in handy when I need to speak something in Spanish someday. Here's hoping.

I also have been mindful to tidy up my room a little bit (section) week by week. I have plans to redecorate and re-do the room, with new furniture and furnishings. All in progress.

son of a fucking bitch

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 07:53 pm
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i hate today's ice storm from yesterday. Thanks Winter Storm Stella. 1 - i will make sure to never name my children after you, 2) i will make sure I will leave New Jersey one way or another because i am SO over with ice and the freezing wind for the last ONE goddamn week! - where I come from and where I was born, I do not have to contend with either one of these two variables; 3) i cannot believe i have to clean my car windows again for the SEVENTH time (yes, SEVEN times in one day) because of snow showers shortly after I came home and having to pull my car in after Alex got home. all within a space of 12 hours on the same day.

lastly - 4) i will not buy TOTES Thermalite gear of any kind because - it didn't keep me warm, 2) it didn't become waterproof as soon as my gloves and boots leaked. What a crappy US brand. No wonder nobody buys Totes Thermalite anymore.   

Over and out.


Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 07:08 pm
sharifah_durrahsm: When I need to be inspired when everything is going down (determination)
I have not been writing since I started working. Been close to 2 weeks since the start date. So here are my quick thoughts.

Work has been quite interesting at Macy's Distribution Center.  Since my hours start at 7am, I literally have to force myself to beat the alarm set at 5 am and to be out of the house BY 6.30am. There is really no let-up on Route 9 North even at that hour getting on the Parkway North. However once you're on the Parkway it's a smooth acceleration up the bridge until that semi hairy curve into Riverside Drive from the Parkway exit on Route 440 / 287. And it's fairly smooth sailing to the next light at Clearview Road where you make the right and a quick exit on the first driveway on the left.

So far the inventory count and reporting is somewhat easy once you pick up the database commands. It's almost like a throwback into the days of AS400 or whatever most distribution centers use for their computerized inventory system. Why can't these people use SAP or Oracle to scan their inventory? More on that later. So far, Colleen my immediate boss has been great to me. Despite not yet still having email or computer log-in into the system. But we'll see how long we can continue to bug her for her log-in. I can't really do my side effectively until we are up to speed with log-in access and expectations are clarified. But until then I am enjoying getting paid again.

February Fever

Saturday, February 4th, 2017 09:08 pm
It is amazing how, over the span of one week, so many things - some good, some not so good - happened all at once. One of the more important events within the last week was the travel ban on the  Muslim countries that Trump signed last Friday afternoon, which led to a total breakdown and chaos at airports almost immediately the entire weekend and the week that followed. Friction between the DHS and the State Department as to how to enforce this ban led to Federal judges issuing injunctions (stay) all around the country's airports to lift the restriction, lives of those who are impacted by the ban rippled from top-down from adults to toddlers and little children of not even school-going age being turned away at the airports or being frisked and detained (really? a baby toddler is a national security risk to the US? How did the DHS come to that conclusion?). Folks who had lawful refugee visas to enter were literally refused entry, passengers being turned away or pulled out of security lines at airports and airlines, husbands and wives forced to separate literally a lifetime away. And scenes of lawyers from ACLU and various Congressmen (and women) literally forcing their way into the airports to represent these people, various members of the Congress abhorred the ban, and ordinary folks were at airport arrival halls screaming and protesting and cheering for the release of these people to be admitted in.

I have to say, as a recipient of one of those visas, it is already hard enough getting one at the Embassy, and when you arrive here you get to be grilled by the Immigration officer, so as one of the former recipients, totally understand the frustration and the trauma to be grilled by DHS acting on the presumption you obtained the visa illegally. As if you are not mentally stressed already. Literally many were refused admission because DHS was literally enforcing the order to the book. Granted, their authority comes from executing the President's orders, but fortunately there were enough federal employees at DHS and State Department who found alternative ways to voice their dissent with this latest order. And the latest news is that a Federal Court Judge from Washington State challenged the validity of this order and held that this ban is unconstitutional. So it is going to be appealed and will go to Supreme Court. Happily, as of right now, the official statement from DHS and the State Department is that they will re-issue the revoked visas from the 7 countries and they will not be upholding the ban. So, all is semi normal for the time being, until the Donald decides to go for a jugular next week via the Twitter channels. Hang on, folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

More updates on the new job. It's at Macy's Bloomingdale's distribution center. And the hours are now changed to 7am - 3.30pm. Which means, I leave the house approximately  the same time Carlos start his car. Which means traffic might still be sucky by the time I finally get to Route 9 North by 6.40am. But, the lovely part is, I might just be able to turn my engine on the few minutes before he gets outside. And then scoot off as soon as he shows up just before the daylight breaks.

Tuesday was a day ...

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 01:55 pm
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Of surprises! That I got called for an assignment starting next week. That Robert Half / Accountemps Woodbridge called to say that they have a client in Edison that wants me to start with them. This is for 6 months, possible extension. However hours are 6am - 2.30pm. Well, there goes a good night's sleep and the possibility of getting my lungs on fire with the extreme cold at 5.30am. Having done that before, walking in the cold at sub-20 degrees feeling while your lungs were on fire is NOT something I want to do again. But at least I get the rest of the afternoon off when the day is done.

Not exactly clear what the client is, but I think it is a distribution center sort of thing and I will be doing variance inventory. I've heard of those things before. So I will get to wake Carlos up at 5.30am when I start the car. Karma is a wonderful thing.

sharifah_durrahsm: Nothing beats sun on your cheeks (NYC)
Okay, I didn't mean to sound snarky over the post title. But it is annoying that I am here on Monday evening, still job hunting for the new week. As if I haven't been doing enough of that since last July. I have been job hunting since my assignment ended at National MS last year. Truth be told, anyone who has ever job-hunted will agree it is the most soul-draining, leaching activity that existed. That's probably why it's called job-hunting. But, it's necessary to do it to find a job to pay the bills! Anyhow, back to the rant...

Mary Louise called today about a possible opportunity at BASF Florham Park for an HR Assistant. Sounded all good and great until I read the job description. It sounded as if whoever that wrote the job description had absolutely no idea what it entailed. I didn't complain, I didn't mention it to her; I dutifully submitted my latest resume highlighting the minimum skills the client was looking for.

Until I got a call from Sally (the recruiter contact for this client). She asked me what I thought of the job description. I told her it was pretty basic and didn't explain anything new that justified the high hourly rate. I highly doubt BASF compensate you enough for driving 28 miles one-way for a filing assistant - they must either be delusional or are pretty desperate that a government audit is about to hit them soon). We briefly discussed the requirements. Both of us agreed it cannot be the only job skill they are looking for. Clients have been known not to be totally upfront about job requirements but they expect candidates they interview to be 100% honest. Hate all these game playing. We also talked about the format of my resume, being that I only specified the employers' names, and not the clients'. Yeah, I have a very non-traditional worker resume. I told her it is the standard resume I use for non-agency clients, tweaked to the client's specifications, so therefore clients are not named until asked at the interview. She said she will speak to Mary Louise and will let me know. Within the next 2 hours Mary Louise emailed me to say I have been submitted and could I
 please respond confirming the pay rate. We shall see where this leads. In the meantime, I will still be reading Liz Ryan's articles on LinkedIn and trolling Craig's List for potential direct-to-hire opportunities.

An Eureka moment

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 09:41 pm
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I really need to pay less attention to this blog's settings and more attention to my thought process.

On one hand, I think I will enjoy the writing process moving forward. On the other hand, trying to come to a coherent thought needs practice. Now I understand what my sister meant when she said writing is hard when I helped proofread her Master's degree thesis years ago. It is hard work thinking critically and utilizing these mental cells.

When WhatsApp-ing her the other day, she actually gave me an idea on what I can start writing about. She was asking questions about Obama-care and wanted to know why Donald wants to get rid of it. While explaining the Act to her, it occurred to me that I can be good at explaining technical things to people in a non-technical way. Which led me to an "Eureka!" moment - why not start writing to explain how things work for the layman? Why not? That is another good way to practice writing! I will have to dwell on that thought further.


Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 12:15 pm
sharifah_durrahsm: When I need to be inspired when everything is going down (crazy)
I haven't been writing in over 2 weeks. Time just flew very fast since my last entry. I apologize. Too many things occupied my time. But I take responsibility for not being present that this was supposed to be a daily affair. So here are my thoughts for today.

With the new President installed in the Oval office 2 days ago, it appears we are now living in uncertain and changing times. Europe got into a panic mode, their newspapers screamed that the old special relationship is now no longer under the new administration; pro Brexit-UK and Mrs. Theresa May are in glee because she is supposedly the first foreign leader invited to the new Donald Trump's administration and are hoping to cozy up to Donald over special relationship treatment despite Donald Trump's speech over the promised America First in terms of manufacturing, jobs, trade and world aid; Asia is cautious but optimistic - Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Taiwan said nothing will change except how things are negotiated; China said they will work with Trump but any China-bashing to the extreme will not be tolerated without reciprocal action on China's part. In the meantime, citizens of the United States are either fearful, hopeful, scared, reassured, confident, gleeful or disgusted with the new President, depending which end of the color rainbow they are on at any given time. Which brings me back to the present moment.

While we do not have a say as to how the new President will behave or say at any time, we do have a choice to react (positively or negatively, depending on your viewpoint) on how the news are presented to us. The message of his viewpoint is there, the tone is how you want to view it. His job is to make policies that will have the greatest impact on the most amount of people, regardless of your politics. If you are concerned your rights are going to be impacted, by all means write or call to your representative but please, no name calling or implying you know what he is going to do when you are not right there in the room. You have no way of knowing that. It's by acting on what you think you know is when your judgements get clouded by panic, fear or anger - and that is not a good thing. I'm not trying to protect Mr. Trump, I too will look at his decisions closely and will call him out if I think it is not going to be for the common good.

All I know is that I want this President to succeed even though I personally am disgusted by his behavior, pre-elections. I do not subscribe to his core message but I support his call to make this country great again. He needs our support and help. I pray that he will work hard for all us, whether rich or poor, unemployed or corporate brokers, the disadvantaged or the Wall Street power brokers, the seen and unheard, and for all. Just give him a chance to do his job, and hold him and your representatives accountable in the meantime. Don't think that you do not have a say in this. 2018 will be coming soon, and you will have another chance to vote for change again.


Thursday, January 12th, 2017 06:56 pm
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What's with recruiters nowadays - they never call you back to let you know if you got the job or not or to update the status of your job interview. It's amazing how fast they are up your ass when you have a resume that "fits" the minimum skills for their client, call you at the most inappropriate times to schedule you for an interview (usually at the client's convenience)... and then completely disappear quietly and vanish from the face of the earth after being briefed by you post-interview. Seriously, you would think after 16 years working with recruiters, I would have learned the lesson by now. But, no, apparently I have not.  And so back to the endless soul-draining cycle of trolling the Internet for job leads and writing in all over again. I have no one to blame but myself
Not sure what to make of things today. It's only second week of January and I feel like a deflated balloon. Not a good feeling.


Saturday, January 7th, 2017 06:15 pm
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I found out - okay, discovered actually-  that you can actually edit your dates on Dreamwidth. I didn't know that. Which means, you can technically cheat on the days you were supposed to blog, right?  Not that I am promoting or advocating cheating. 

And the thing with blog tags. What's with the tags? Are you serious? Who has time to put tags? When I write, I write, clear stuff off my brain and I am done. I don't have the luxury of time sitting at the computer and thinking of "words" to tag my posts, to remind me what I wrote. I KNOW WHAT I WROTE. So tags, be damned! I don't usually scroll back to reread my previous posts. And when I do, it's mostly to check on my progress as to how far I have gone. Isn't that what progress is all about?

A Gratitude Draft

Thursday, January 5th, 2017 10:47 pm
Things to be grateful for:

1. A roof and a house with heat
2. Concern and affection from family, friends.. and strangers.
3. Electricity 24/7, when it's 27 F outside!
4. Still being able to think and dream
5. Peace and stability living in a relatively peaceful country. At least I can sleep soundly at night without fear of a bomb or being in war torn area.
6. Hot chocolate , or hot tea, or hot beverage of choice
7. And when things really suck - live Internet for more cat videos.

Happy New Year's!

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 03:09 pm
sharifah_durrahsm: Nothing beats sun on your cheeks (Manhattan)
The day after New Year and


This is a good time as any to just veg out and look out of the window and notice the outside. The sky is partly cloudy and the sun is trying to peek through the window as I write this. One thing I like about the privacy of my office downstairs is I can pound the keyboard away with relative privacy. On the other hand, something about the wall of this room - where my desk is - is next to the windows and my feet are always cold even if I have my socks or slippers on. But this happens only during winter. I wonder if it's the walls, or the old windows or that my room is next to both the garage and the laundry room and the doors are not sealed.
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A little bit of writing before I head off for the night.

I want 2017 to be a better, grander version of myself. Such as expanding the things that I love and am good at -  such as writing - and make it a second nature so that it feels right and automatic without thinking.

Focus on being grateful on the things and experiences that I already have. When things are rough, instead of beating myself or blaming or being guilty, ask this question: what is this situation trying to tell me? and just listen without making any meaning to it. Landmark Forum - I need to revisit those 3-day sessions again to reinforce those lessons! And accept the feelings as they arise, good, bad, negative, ugly or just neutral.

Be very mindful with the company I am spending time with. Don't be afraid to ask or challenge myself - are these people/situations improving my thought process to be better? Or am I being dragged to their level of conscience?

Focus on the infinite possibilities that situations are fluid and can change anytime depending on the viewpoint. Accept that what is negative now can change to something positive within a blink of the eye, only if I relax into it and allow it to speak to me. Don't analyze or give reasons why. Accept it when that shifts too.
One of those days where it's kind of slow - it's almost end of the week, but not quite Friday. A sweet spot between "I am starting this writing bit, that should take care of Thursday (today)" and "goodness, is it almost Friday already?" while listening to BBC Radio 2's tribute to George Michael. And they have to play the classic Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" featuring him. So very sad. All the more reason why I needed to write this down.

Unless you've been living under a rock or lost the Internet this past week, you would have known that the incomparable George Michael, the other half of that British boy pop group formerly called Wham! passed away at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas Day 2016. When news of the death broke on my Flipboard, I almost lost it. I couldn't believe that this MAN, this guy that my sister, cousins and myself spent a good chunk of our allowance back when we were growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, singing and dancing to their songs and videos, had passed away. I burst into tears. It was almost like when your beloved pet cat died, but this time worse. MUCH worse. So his death compelled me to write this.

George Michael has never made a bad song. I first heard him from Wham! days on Top of the Pops (TOTP). From those puffed-up bleached blonde hair to those logo T-shirts they sport on TOTP (yes, Wham started that logo shirt craze), to that perpetually fake tanned look up until to his death, he never made (or be part of) a song that I didn't care for. From the 1984 Band Aid Christmas single to Live Aid 1985 with Elton John, and the wonderful AIDS benefit for Freddie Mercury. However, I kind of stopped listening to George Michael after his 1989 "Faith" album period when I went into University and then the post-Uni working days, but started hearing him again mid-1990s after I happened to watch one of the MTV Unplugged videos and it featured him. I thought he sounded phenomenal! I couldn't believe my eyes and ears this is the same George Michael, and how he different he sounded 10 years later!
This was after he admitted to being gay. It didn't really bother me as an idol, because good gracious, he was still so good looking in a very rugged rebellious way. I think even the late Diana, Princess of Wales had some kind of crush on him because, in some of their photos, you could see George looked shy and Diana looked smitten being with him.

Anyhow, I couldn't remember when he wasn't on the radio one way or another that moment on. With one hit after another and his performances getting airtime, I thought "man, this guy's talent has grown so much" and his sound became more compelling. I also started to catch up on his songs, to my delight, all of them worth (buying and) singing to, including the fabulous "Five Live" album, which to this day, I think, one of this best short "live" albums. My only regret is that I never did have the privilege to watch his performance live (closing ceremonies for London 2012 Olympics notwithstanding.) Even with YouTube and Spotify downloads being widely available, it doesn't have the same satisfaction of being able to enjoy your creative output and rapport with the fans that make you an outstanding performer and activist.

However, that will not replace the big loss to the music world and his talent as a songwriter and performer when he passed on Christmas Day 2016. I think the reason why so many of us who grew up with his music are so sad over his death is when you see him grow all these years, he is almost a part of your family that you grew up with. From his early successes to him admitting being gay up to his final decade with his personal problems. And all this while, you wanted him to be loved and take of himself and him to get the help he needed because he is almost like a member of your family. And that hurts.

I pray that you, George Michael, finally found the acceptance and peace you've been craving for and you are okay with all the decisions and choices you've made. And get that the world loves you for being and accepting yourself. Entertain the angels above and know that the world already misses your genius, self-deprecating sense of humor and heart by playing your songs over and over and over again.

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, you will be sorely missed.

Second day!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 11:58 pm
Aloha - this is my second post since Monday.

I have the TV on at the moment, and the 11 o'clock News just announced that by all accounts many people want 2016 to be over. Between the election, so-so job outlook, cold weather and so many people we've lost this year, it's amazing that no one has gone positively mental yet. Although at times it feels that one should take a mental day especially at this time of the year with all that has been happening to all of us, emotionally and mentally.

The initial purpose of starting this blog is I need an outlet to just get my thoughts out there. I am hoping this will be more than just a fad hobby. I would like to have it an extension of a personal diary, but yet at same time, a place where I can write things of great interest, whether it be work-related, personal interest, hobbies or just generally life.

As a child, I used to keep a diary and I will spend hours writing in it every day religiously. I've been writing since I was old enough to be able to write my thoughts on paper. To this day I remembered carrying a small blue notebook that I will write my observations on. I was pretty good in writing and had harbored dreams to be a writer or a journalist, but those things were not actively pursued. To be honest, I haven't written in well over 30 years, not including a short stint on a Club newsletter and when I was writing down my arguments while pursuing a Law degree in University. Now that I am now a lot older than before and spare time is a luxury, I am pursuing this as a means to release my creative output. I also read somewhere that you can also train better cognitive skills on your brain, so to speak, if you spend some time writing as it forces the brain to work and use its muscles - which is a great exercise for memory and brain power as you age! So, as long as I can spend 20 minutes a day writing something, that would be a tremendous achievement.

So, this is how I am going to end this for the night. I am going to take this challenge as a way to:- 1) get all that 30 years plus of repressed thoughts and get them out there and at same time, embrace my inner 6-year old; 2 ) start getting my thoughts so that my brain will stop overthinking so much, and 3) have fun and embrace the creative side of me. I missed being creative and have fun in what I do and I want to be like my sister - she is in a semi-creative profession and she loves it. I also want that for myself.

Until the next post.

Hello, world!

Monday, December 26th, 2016 11:45 pm
A Google test drive for Durrah to find her way in the blogging world.

More coming soon.