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Okay, I didn't mean to sound snarky over the post title. But it is annoying that I am here on Monday evening, still job hunting for the new week. As if I haven't been doing enough of that since last July. I have been job hunting since my assignment ended at National MS last year. Truth be told, anyone who has ever job-hunted will agree it is the most soul-draining, leaching activity that existed. That's probably why it's called job-hunting. But, it's necessary to do it to find a job to pay the bills! Anyhow, back to the rant...

Mary Louise called today about a possible opportunity at BASF Florham Park for an HR Assistant. Sounded all good and great until I read the job description. It sounded as if whoever that wrote the job description had absolutely no idea what it entailed. I didn't complain, I didn't mention it to her; I dutifully submitted my latest resume highlighting the minimum skills the client was looking for.

Until I got a call from Sally (the recruiter contact for this client). She asked me what I thought of the job description. I told her it was pretty basic and didn't explain anything new that justified the high hourly rate. I highly doubt BASF compensate you enough for driving 28 miles one-way for a filing assistant - they must either be delusional or are pretty desperate that a government audit is about to hit them soon). We briefly discussed the requirements. Both of us agreed it cannot be the only job skill they are looking for. Clients have been known not to be totally upfront about job requirements but they expect candidates they interview to be 100% honest. Hate all these game playing. We also talked about the format of my resume, being that I only specified the employers' names, and not the clients'. Yeah, I have a very non-traditional worker resume. I told her it is the standard resume I use for non-agency clients, tweaked to the client's specifications, so therefore clients are not named until asked at the interview. She said she will speak to Mary Louise and will let me know. Within the next 2 hours Mary Louise emailed me to say I have been submitted and could I
 please respond confirming the pay rate. We shall see where this leads. In the meantime, I will still be reading Liz Ryan's articles on LinkedIn and trolling Craig's List for potential direct-to-hire opportunities.

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