Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 07:08 pm
sharifah_durrahsm: When I need to be inspired when everything is going down (determination)
I have not been writing since I started working. Been close to 2 weeks since the start date. So here are my quick thoughts.

Work has been quite interesting at Macy's Distribution Center.  Since my hours start at 7am, I literally have to force myself to beat the alarm set at 5 am and to be out of the house BY 6.30am. There is really no let-up on Route 9 North even at that hour getting on the Parkway North. However once you're on the Parkway it's a smooth acceleration up the bridge until that semi hairy curve into Riverside Drive from the Parkway exit on Route 440 / 287. And it's fairly smooth sailing to the next light at Clearview Road where you make the right and a quick exit on the first driveway on the left.

So far the inventory count and reporting is somewhat easy once you pick up the database commands. It's almost like a throwback into the days of AS400 or whatever most distribution centers use for their computerized inventory system. Why can't these people use SAP or Oracle to scan their inventory? More on that later. So far, Colleen my immediate boss has been great to me. Despite not yet still having email or computer log-in into the system. But we'll see how long we can continue to bug her for her log-in. I can't really do my side effectively until we are up to speed with log-in access and expectations are clarified. But until then I am enjoying getting paid again.

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