Second day!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 11:58 pm
Aloha - this is my second post since Monday.

I have the TV on at the moment, and the 11 o'clock News just announced that by all accounts many people want 2016 to be over. Between the election, so-so job outlook, cold weather and so many people we've lost this year, it's amazing that no one has gone positively mental yet. Although at times it feels that one should take a mental day especially at this time of the year with all that has been happening to all of us, emotionally and mentally.

The initial purpose of starting this blog is I need an outlet to just get my thoughts out there. I am hoping this will be more than just a fad hobby. I would like to have it an extension of a personal diary, but yet at same time, a place where I can write things of great interest, whether it be work-related, personal interest, hobbies or just generally life.

As a child, I used to keep a diary and I will spend hours writing in it every day religiously. I've been writing since I was old enough to be able to write my thoughts on paper. To this day I remembered carrying a small blue notebook that I will write my observations on. I was pretty good in writing and had harbored dreams to be a writer or a journalist, but those things were not actively pursued. To be honest, I haven't written in well over 30 years, not including a short stint on a Club newsletter and when I was writing down my arguments while pursuing a Law degree in University. Now that I am now a lot older than before and spare time is a luxury, I am pursuing this as a means to release my creative output. I also read somewhere that you can also train better cognitive skills on your brain, so to speak, if you spend some time writing as it forces the brain to work and use its muscles - which is a great exercise for memory and brain power as you age! So, as long as I can spend 20 minutes a day writing something, that would be a tremendous achievement.

So, this is how I am going to end this for the night. I am going to take this challenge as a way to:- 1) get all that 30 years plus of repressed thoughts and get them out there and at same time, embrace my inner 6-year old; 2 ) start getting my thoughts so that my brain will stop overthinking so much, and 3) have fun and embrace the creative side of me. I missed being creative and have fun in what I do and I want to be like my sister - she is in a semi-creative profession and she loves it. I also want that for myself.

Until the next post.

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