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Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 01:55 pm
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Of surprises! That I got called for an assignment starting next week. That Robert Half / Accountemps Woodbridge called to say that they have a client in Edison that wants me to start with them. This is for 6 months, possible extension. However hours are 6am - 2.30pm. Well, there goes a good night's sleep and the possibility of getting my lungs on fire with the extreme cold at 5.30am. Having done that before, walking in the cold at sub-20 degrees feeling while your lungs were on fire is NOT something I want to do again. But at least I get the rest of the afternoon off when the day is done.

Not exactly clear what the client is, but I think it is a distribution center sort of thing and I will be doing variance inventory. I've heard of those things before. So I will get to wake Carlos up at 5.30am when I start the car. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Happy New Year's!

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 03:09 pm
sharifah_durrahsm: Nothing beats sun on your cheeks (Manhattan)
The day after New Year and


This is a good time as any to just veg out and look out of the window and notice the outside. The sky is partly cloudy and the sun is trying to peek through the window as I write this. One thing I like about the privacy of my office downstairs is I can pound the keyboard away with relative privacy. On the other hand, something about the wall of this room - where my desk is - is next to the windows and my feet are always cold even if I have my socks or slippers on. But this happens only during winter. I wonder if it's the walls, or the old windows or that my room is next to both the garage and the laundry room and the doors are not sealed.

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