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sharifah_durrahsm ([personal profile] sharifah_durrahsm) wrote2017-01-25 01:55 pm
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Tuesday was a day ...

Of surprises! That I got called for an assignment starting next week. That Robert Half / Accountemps Woodbridge called to say that they have a client in Edison that wants me to start with them. This is for 6 months, possible extension. However hours are 6am - 2.30pm. Well, there goes a good night's sleep and the possibility of getting my lungs on fire with the extreme cold at 5.30am. Having done that before, walking in the cold at sub-20 degrees feeling while your lungs were on fire is NOT something I want to do again. But at least I get the rest of the afternoon off when the day is done.

Not exactly clear what the client is, but I think it is a distribution center sort of thing and I will be doing variance inventory. I've heard of those things before. So I will get to wake Carlos up at 5.30am when I start the car. Karma is a wonderful thing.

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