sharifah_durrahsm ([personal profile] sharifah_durrahsm) wrote2017-04-18 07:13 pm

Aloha April

It has been awhile since I last posted. I have been kept busy at work, which is a good thing as well as keeping me employed and brings home the money. On the plus side, going to work in the mornings are now aren't as crazy cold, so that's good. And the view of sunrise on the Parkway bridge at 6.45am  is something else  too. I enjoy the driving going up the bridge and just hanging back on my lane and watch other cars go past me, it's almost like meditation. The view of the sunrise over the bay is stunning every morning when there is sun, so I quite enjoy it immensely.

The Hispanic girls are manageable now, some days they still go into their chats loudly but I also have been getting more upfront and speak to them when i have to. I've also been mindful of writing down words on my notepad when I hear words that might sound familiar. Kind of like a crash Spanish course, I suppose. It might just come in handy when I need to speak something in Spanish someday. Here's hoping.

I also have been mindful to tidy up my room a little bit (section) week by week. I have plans to redecorate and re-do the room, with new furniture and furnishings. All in progress.

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