sharifah_durrahsm: When I need to be inspired when everything is going down (keep going)
sharifah_durrahsm ([personal profile] sharifah_durrahsm) wrote2017-03-15 07:53 pm

son of a fucking bitch

i hate today's ice storm from yesterday. Thanks Winter Storm Stella. 1 - i will make sure to never name my children after you, 2) i will make sure I will leave New Jersey one way or another because i am SO over with ice and the freezing wind for the last ONE goddamn week! - where I come from and where I was born, I do not have to contend with either one of these two variables; 3) i cannot believe i have to clean my car windows again for the SEVENTH time (yes, SEVEN times in one day) because of snow showers shortly after I came home and having to pull my car in after Alex got home. all within a space of 12 hours on the same day.

lastly - 4) i will not buy TOTES Thermalite gear of any kind because - it didn't keep me warm, 2) it didn't become waterproof as soon as my gloves and boots leaked. What a crappy US brand. No wonder nobody buys Totes Thermalite anymore.   

Over and out.

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