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sharifah_durrahsm ([personal profile] sharifah_durrahsm) wrote2017-01-07 06:15 pm
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I found out - okay, discovered actually-  that you can actually edit your dates on Dreamwidth. I didn't know that. Which means, you can technically cheat on the days you were supposed to blog, right?  Not that I am promoting or advocating cheating. 

And the thing with blog tags. What's with the tags? Are you serious? Who has time to put tags? When I write, I write, clear stuff off my brain and I am done. I don't have the luxury of time sitting at the computer and thinking of "words" to tag my posts, to remind me what I wrote. I KNOW WHAT I WROTE. So tags, be damned! I don't usually scroll back to reread my previous posts. And when I do, it's mostly to check on my progress as to how far I have gone. Isn't that what progress is all about?
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[personal profile] dxmachina 2017-01-28 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, I've done that. Usually it's because I had a long post that took a couple of days to write, so when I first posted it as private, it had the original date, then I'd change the date when it went public so that it would show up at the top of a reading list.

One thing to remember. If you start getting other Dreamwidth users subscribing to your journal, they will usually be using their reading list to view your posts rather than going to your journal and reading them there. I finally had a chance to check my list today, and saw not only your posts, but Alex's too.