Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

An Eureka moment

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 09:41 pm
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I really need to pay less attention to this blog's settings and more attention to my thought process.

On one hand, I think I will enjoy the writing process moving forward. On the other hand, trying to come to a coherent thought needs practice. Now I understand what my sister meant when she said writing is hard when I helped proofread her Master's degree thesis years ago. It is hard work thinking critically and utilizing these mental cells.

When WhatsApp-ing her the other day, she actually gave me an idea on what I can start writing about. She was asking questions about Obama-care and wanted to know why Donald wants to get rid of it. While explaining the Act to her, it occurred to me that I can be good at explaining technical things to people in a non-technical way. Which led me to an "Eureka!" moment - why not start writing to explain how things work for the layman? Why not? That is another good way to practice writing! I will have to dwell on that thought further.


Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 12:15 pm
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I haven't been writing in over 2 weeks. Time just flew very fast since my last entry. I apologize. Too many things occupied my time. But I take responsibility for not being present that this was supposed to be a daily affair. So here are my thoughts for today.

With the new President installed in the Oval office 2 days ago, it appears we are now living in uncertain and changing times. Europe got into a panic mode, their newspapers screamed that the old special relationship is now no longer under the new administration; pro Brexit-UK and Mrs. Theresa May are in glee because she is supposedly the first foreign leader invited to the new Donald Trump's administration and are hoping to cozy up to Donald over special relationship treatment despite Donald Trump's speech over the promised America First in terms of manufacturing, jobs, trade and world aid; Asia is cautious but optimistic - Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Taiwan said nothing will change except how things are negotiated; China said they will work with Trump but any China-bashing to the extreme will not be tolerated without reciprocal action on China's part. In the meantime, citizens of the United States are either fearful, hopeful, scared, reassured, confident, gleeful or disgusted with the new President, depending which end of the color rainbow they are on at any given time. Which brings me back to the present moment.

While we do not have a say as to how the new President will behave or say at any time, we do have a choice to react (positively or negatively, depending on your viewpoint) on how the news are presented to us. The message of his viewpoint is there, the tone is how you want to view it. His job is to make policies that will have the greatest impact on the most amount of people, regardless of your politics. If you are concerned your rights are going to be impacted, by all means write or call to your representative but please, no name calling or implying you know what he is going to do when you are not right there in the room. You have no way of knowing that. It's by acting on what you think you know is when your judgements get clouded by panic, fear or anger - and that is not a good thing. I'm not trying to protect Mr. Trump, I too will look at his decisions closely and will call him out if I think it is not going to be for the common good.

All I know is that I want this President to succeed even though I personally am disgusted by his behavior, pre-elections. I do not subscribe to his core message but I support his call to make this country great again. He needs our support and help. I pray that he will work hard for all us, whether rich or poor, unemployed or corporate brokers, the disadvantaged or the Wall Street power brokers, the seen and unheard, and for all. Just give him a chance to do his job, and hold him and your representatives accountable in the meantime. Don't think that you do not have a say in this. 2018 will be coming soon, and you will have another chance to vote for change again.

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