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sharifah_durrahsm ([personal profile] sharifah_durrahsm) wrote2017-01-22 09:41 pm

An Eureka moment

I really need to pay less attention to this blog's settings and more attention to my thought process.

On one hand, I think I will enjoy the writing process moving forward. On the other hand, trying to come to a coherent thought needs practice. Now I understand what my sister meant when she said writing is hard when I helped proofread her Master's degree thesis years ago. It is hard work thinking critically and utilizing these mental cells.

When WhatsApp-ing her the other day, she actually gave me an idea on what I can start writing about. She was asking questions about Obama-care and wanted to know why Donald wants to get rid of it. While explaining the Act to her, it occurred to me that I can be good at explaining technical things to people in a non-technical way. Which led me to an "Eureka!" moment - why not start writing to explain how things work for the layman? Why not? That is another good way to practice writing! I will have to dwell on that thought further.